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Our Mission Statement 

By God's grace, we exist to glorify Him
by growing in faith and Christ-likeness,
and by sharing with others
the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to  

Larbert Old Church of Scotland. 

There has been a place of worship on this site since the 12th Century, and the Church we now worship in on Sunday mornings has been in place since 1820.  


We are  a Presbyterian Congregation full of people from all walks of life, all at different stages in their journey with God.  


Some have strong faiths, some have struggles with their faith, and some are seeking answers.  Who are we to question why?   


We would love to welcome you

to come and join us.


We are a strong, enthusiastic and friendly congregation

and welcome you if you are

young, old, single, couples or a family.


Our congregation is currently in Guardianship, and although we don't have a Minister in place we are guided by our Interim Moderator Walter Williamson MBE and our Locum Minister Iain Scoular .  Walter and Iain bring us their experience, understanding and guidance each week, and allow us to worship with an active, friendly and  spirited belief in God.


Walter has been our Interim Moderator since August 2016 and has brought with him experience from his working life in the Oil Industry having been awarded an MBE for his services in 1999.

A member of the Boys' Brigade for nearly 60 years and the Captain of 2nd Bo'ness Company, he was ordained as an Elder in 1984 at

St Andrew's Church in Bo'ness as well as being their Presbytery Elder for the past 6 years.

Walter was born, raised and lives in Bo'ness with his wife Janis and has been blessed with a daughter and three grandchildren.  

His experience in both his working and spiritual life brings a new focus to the congregation of Larbert Old.  He brings his huge enthusiasm for change, vision and respect for tradition and this is giving the congregation of Larbert Old the opportunity to move forward and work across Larbert.

"My hopes and aspirations for the future include assisting in securing the future of the church across Larbert by turning Larbert Old Church into a beacon of hope by its witness as a living faith in the gospel.  This will be achieved by reaching out to the community and beyond and building on the theme of

ACross Larbert.'

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